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【5000 yen Private Party Plan · Antique Castle's Room Plan】 2 hours with all you can drink

【5000 yen Private Party Plan · Antique Castle's Room Plan】 2 hours with all you can drink

By using a coupon5000 Yen

Consumption tax included, service charge, including seats.The minimum guaranteed amount of half-price for this room is 50,000 yen

  • 8items
  • 10-20persons
All-you-can-drink available

※ Friedlink will be the last order 100 minutes from the start.※ It is a glass replacement system.Please hand empty glasses to the staff on your behalf.

Reservation deadline
2 days before arrival date until 20 o'clock
Available days for reservation
Monday - Saturday, Sunday and public holiday

Semi-private room plan which can smoke on the terrace! Private guidance entrance allows you to spend your time even private without meeting other guests.(It is not a complete private room.Please understand other customer's speech and so on because it is a curtain partition) From 10 people up to about 20 people.

Course menu


· Assorted 3 kinds of appetizers of the day

· Light sauteed Caesar salad (it is a warm salad)

· French fries flavored with herbs

· Two kinds of cheese pizza (plenty of cheese)

· Authentic Naples taste Aquapazza

· Roast beef (with southern female lemon salt and mushroom cream sauce)

· Pasta Vongole Bianco (plenty of delicious seafood)



More than 35 types of sparkling wine (hippopotamus), draft beer, strong carbonated highball cocktail, etc.Details can be seen from the type of drink ⇒.

※ We accept acceptance of surprise directing which raises a party scene and an anniversary plate (\ 1,080 ~) containing a message with hope.

Please feel free to contact us ♪

The contents of the menu may be changed depending on the purchase situation of ingredients.Please note.☆ 120 minutes with unlimited drinks

※ The number of people who can book in the room is different.

A "Greece · Santorini island" room (21 ~ 30 people)

B "Antique castle" room (10 ~ 20 people)

Please enter the room of A from the door under the neon sign of "OPEN" on our left.

B's room please enter from the door with "round window" on our right.


To the secretary

Please inform us beforehand if you would like us to inform each door of your reservation name.

Posted on the door.

When not posting please be sure to tell the customer which secretary you are going to enter from which door.

Both are popular rooms so please check availability as soon as possible.


All-you-can-drink menu

· Heartland student
· Glass wine (red · white)
· Glass sparkling
· Scotch · bourbon / water split · rock · soda split
· Moscow Community / Salty Dog / Vodka Tonic
· Lamb
· Cuba Libre
· Tequila tonic
· Cassis Soda / Cassis Orange / Campari Soda / Campari Orange / Spumoni / Mimosa / Kiel Royal
·Soft drink
· Orange juice / grapefruit juice / ginger ale / cola / oolong tea

2018/11/30 update